Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Dragon Gets the Girl

They said it would be an informal wedding. He wore jeans and boots. But she wore that micro minidress I mentioned previously--the one that didn't come down far enough to cover her panty-clad bottom. (Click here for that article).
Now I had intended to write this in a humorous vein like the last account, but the story turns dark, so beware.

The girl was memorable, but the groom disturbed me. He was big with rough-hewn features and lifeless eyes. I figured him to be a rancher, only I did not sense the honor that I have known in other ranchers.

He looked bored throughout the ceremony. Until time to kiss the bride.

I've seen lots of guys make a production out of the kiss by sweeping her in his arms and dipping her low for a long dramatic smooch. Sometimes the woman won't turn loose of the man. It's a cute moment.

But this wasn't cute. The man reminded me of a giant komodo dragon you see on one of those nature shows, where they remain still and unblinking until the prey gets close enough for him to strike quickly and gobble it down.

That's what groom did. He grabbed the small woman and mauled her face with his mouth. When he turned her loose, I could see that he had hurt her a little.

They disappeared right after the ceremony, leaving me with their small band of acquaintances. I wanted to sign their license and be done with these proceedings. But they didn't come back for several minutes.

When they returned, the man looked amused and the woman was flushed. Marks on her face and neck started appearing slowly—hickeys.

Where he had taken her? One of the children's classrooms? A broom closet? God, was my office open?

The thing is, the woman was rather likable. In spite of her dress, she was not coarse or unpleasant. Quite the opposite, in fact. She was slim and pretty, soft-spoken with kind blue eyes and a sweet smile.

Did she know she had other choices and that she didn't have to marry this a**hole?

I figure she was broken before she met him, conditioned to respond to brutality as if it was the only way affection was shared.

My guess is he made her wear the minidress. I've no doubt he made her do many humiliating things.

And she loved him.

I hated his guts.

It was years ago, but I still do.

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  1. I hate him too. Let me spell it out in case anybody couldn't decipher your asterisks. ASSHOLE. Why is it illegal to say that word on television, but legal to be one and to ruin the life of a young girl? P*ndejo.