Friday, July 24, 2009


John Meuner's blog discusses the loneliness of preachers and the fact that although the United Methodist Church emphasizes connectionalism (click here for that article), there is very little support and connectedness between churches.

Initially, he speaks of ministers who leave the church because the system is destroying their lives. I left a reply on that site that I'll include here:

For lay members, when they have their struggles, they can talk to their friends at church for help and support. Marriage in trouble? Tell your closest brothers and sisters. Child making bad choices? Confide in the pastor. Problems on the job? Share it with your Sunday school.

Pastors have none of that. Their life is spent serving a church they cannot ask help from. I've been in the ministry all my life. I am extraverted and supportive of others, but the tradeoff has been loneliness and isolation to the point that I alternate between wanting to cry or punch the wall.

But I must do it privately so no one will know.

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