Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Positive Side

I often express gloomy thoughts on this blog. It seems appropriate to share that I had a great weekend with the church youth, where we went to a ministry for the poor and homeless. We fed hungry people and helped organize their clothing ministry. I felt like I connected a little with the kids and we were able to show them that many people do not have the comforts they do. The kids were receptive and enthusiastic.

It is the work I chose to do.

Monday morning I was back in the office dealing with politics and bureaucratic minutia, but it didn’t spoil my good mood.


  1. It is the work I choose to do

    That's an intersting way of putting it, one that reflects the way I feel about the work we do quite often.

    Often, I don't feel called and lured by some higher calling and purpose but rather choose to do the work in spite of the fact that I don't feel any of that at all.

  2. I wondered who might catch that.

    Sometimes I do feel "called" but my Arminian ancestors influence me to make my free choice.

    It helps me stay sane to take responsiblity for my own thoughts and choices.

    Peace, my friend

  3. It is nice to hear the good stories as well. We do hear enough of the not so nice (not just you BTW).

    I loved my kids in youth group. They made me feel young and showed a lot of love to others. shame adults couldn't mimic them more.