Saturday, August 22, 2009

Redemption is a Pain

Dad fetch it, gosh darn it to heck, son of a biscuit!

Nothing ever goes as planned around here.

I had it all worked out. I had decided that this Sunday school teacher had to go. O-U-T spells out. I'm not having another year like the last one. And the conversation last night, with her snippy unpleasant manner just strengthened my resolve.

I'm the big man around here. What I say goes. I make the tough decisions because that's what they pay me for. I'm a decisive, resolute, steely-eyed...


She called me back and said the right words: "I would really like to keep doing this. Is there some way we could work this out?"


"Yes, but I need you to do some things differently this year."


"You need to communicate with me and try harder to work with others.

"I can do that."

"You need to show up for church, not just the activity. You need to set an example if you’re going to be a leader.”

"But a lot of people don't like me."

This is unfortunately true. She's not easy to like.

"We can work on resolving some of that. Will you make the effort?"

"I’ll try."

"Let's meet next week and put a plan together."

I hung up the dad blasted phone.

It would have been so much simpler to cut her loose. I have someone, already a leader, ready to step in who can do a great job, and I wouldn't have to worry at all.

But now, I'll be working closely with a young difficult woman, teaching her how to do this job while I have my own work to do.

Why bother?

Because this difficult stubborn woman swallowed her pride and asked respectfully for another chance. Unfortunately for me, I believe in allowing people the opportunity for do-overs, and I believe in a thing called redemption.

Well that little philosophy has turned around to chomp me on both butt cheeks.

It's going to make my life more difficult than it was before, and there's no guarantee that she can really make the necessary adjustments.

But she asked. Anyone with guts enough to be humble always gets another chance with me.

Dad gum it to heck.

There is an addendum to this (click here).

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  1. I really do not miss supervising people. At least she seems to recognize that there's a problem.