Monday, September 14, 2009

A Moment to Say "Thank You"

Writing this blog helps me greatly. I’ve needed a place air out my frustrations and fears.

The readers are the best part of writing the blog. Some of you have become my friends. You’ve shown interest, care, and acceptance. And because of you, I’m beginning to feel much better.

In the next entry, I have written about a moment of clarity.

I’m not sure how some of my atheist friends who read this blog are going to feel about helping me become clearer in my work as a minister. But please accept my thanks for helping me feel less alone.

There are still many things I need to say that I haven’t said yet, so please keep coming back.



  1. In a strange way, I think I should thank you for the blog. People need to understand what it's like to be a minister, and perhaps more importantly, people need to understand that ministers are human beings with shortcomings, struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams.

  2. Yeah...I agree with BR...people need to see more than just the 'holy' side of pastors. To remember that they're real people too.

    You know, I don't really object to people finding their way with what ever method they can. What I object to is when those same peeps decide others can't possibly be living well if they don't follow the same dogma they do.

    So if my skepicism helps you to figure out what is great in your life, then that is awesome to me. Because when you're great, people around you will be great. I believe we have that kind of power to lift up those around us. By whatever method. You sir, are pretty darned fantastic.

    Now you just need to hang a huge disco ball in your church, and I'm soooo there...

  3. I never thought it was much of a secret that pastors are secret. I guess it's because I grew up around them. Sometimes we're humaner than others.

    And Sistermoon, I will personally hang a disco ball in my church sanctuary if you come--what the heck, my people are either too young or tool old to know what it is. I'll just call it a sacramental ornament with the many colors representing our spiritual and liturgical heritage (I don't know what it means, either, but don't it sound good?).

  4. Okay I meant to say in that very first sentence that pastors are human.

  5. It is nice to know that pastors are not only human, but at least one (Clergy Guy ... and, maybe a couple of others out there) are willing to admit it. Maybe you need to demand that people actually believe it!

  6. Are any other pastors hanging around this blog or is it mostly the atheist gang from Unreasonable Faith?

  7. I've thought about that. I have a couple of minister friends who know my true identity behind my cape and mask, and they keep up with me through email.

    The atheist community I've been in contact have been more regular to read me and to comment. I've had more conversations with them of late, too.

    And there appear to be a fairly large number of lurkers who prefer to remain anonymous--what's with those people anyway?

  8. I don't get lurkers. They creep me out.

    Have you hung around other Christian blogs or only UF? Do you think you've gravitated to the atheists as the people you can most trust not to get outraged by a pastor running a blog like this? (Though I must admit, even in my own Christian days I never understood the bafflingly infantile kinds of Christians who couldn't cope with the humanity of their pastors. Those who idealize to the point of worshipping the allegedly holy people are a special kind of stupid, if you don't mind me saying so...

  9. Yes, I keep up with several Christian blogs, although I have a blog with my real identity (Bruce Wayne) where I relate to many of them

    I don't remember how I stumbled onto Unreasonalbe Faith--I think I stumbled onto a discussion that I was interested in.

    But there is an appeal in communicating with people who are far enough removed from me that I can speak freely.

    Another reason I hang with Atheists is that they are interesting. I'm awfully bored with the insipid crap I see on many Christian blogs--though not all of them.

  10. Yes, Unreasonable Faith has a great community. So many commentators for a blog. It's quite astonishing how Florien amassed so many regular participants in such a short span.