Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Real Atheists

In the sixties, churches started veering away from angry preaching where people came every week to get their spiritual spanking. Preachers started going back to school to learn counseling and social work skills. We started emphasizing how churches should meet the needs of others.

But in the eighties, I saw a shift in the attitude of lots of church people. Grown up mature Christians stopped saying to the world, “How can we meet your needs?”. They shifted to a more consumer oriented stance (selfishness) and asked “How can the church meet MY needs?”

The church has deteriorated over the years to where we have a great number of thumbsucking, overindulged, lazy people who want somebody to pay for a professional to take care of the religious work.

You know, I have become friends with a few atheists recently, and I much prefer them to many of the “elect.” They often have a real passion for truth that I find lacking in many church members. They are often quite idealistic (even if they won't admit it). I think Jesus probably prefers them, too—although don't tell my new friends that because it will start a debate for sure.

If you ask me, the real atheists are often sitting in the pews. They don’t believe. They just want. They’re not racked with guilt; they’re soft with spoiled living. And they whine if things get too uncomfortable.


  1. Fantastic post, my anonymous friend.

  2. Speaking as an atheist I'm guessing some of us find you as refreshing as you do us. :-)

  3. I would have to wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. Even though at this time I'm stabilising as a believer rather than moving towards atheism, I'd rather read UF or hang out with my non-believing friends than with many Christians I have met.

  4. My thoughts on your latest provocations here, Clergy Guy:

  5. The frozen chosen, as it were?

    Isn't the "It's all about Me" sentiment really just a reflection of society as a whole? Not necessarily just the frozen chosen?

    There is nothing new under the sun. Were we able to go back in time, I can imagine that their circumstance were similar to ours now, except a little more appropriate for the time...
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I think religion makes it easier to be "It's all about me". It sets up "experts" (pastors, priests) who are there to serve the laypeople.
    We use to have a sign in my chuch on the inside, so you saw it when you left the chapel. It said "You are now entering the ministry field." Even that was a sign to us that inside was for ust to be ministered to. Because it's all about us...
    Not that I like Mormonism, but they have their own congregation do their talks in church. Everyone of them has to do it. It puts them in a position of having to prepare something, to do SOMETHING. Of course they also believe in special underwear and secret handshakes so I suppose it's not the greatest example...
    As you look at society in general, they are all about themselves. So your church population, to me is just a reflection.

    And just so you know CG, I like Jesus. He used to mow my lawn down in Florida.

  6. You are now officially my favourite believer.
    That's right, you beat out my religious friends for the honour, by virtue of your refreshing honesty and general awesome-ness. Feel special. <3

  7. Sistermoon, good thoughts there about church reflecting society. And I'm still chewing over the idea that religion contributes to the problem. I always thought my job was to activate the people, to bring them together under a common cause and perhaps resist the things in culture that are damaging, evil, wrongheaded or just plain stupid.

    And regarding the guy who mows your lawn, I think there's supposed to be an accent mark on the last syllable.

    Lessica, I'm so proud of this award and I do feel special. As I accept this honor I'd like to thank my agent, my producer, the academy, and all the little people I stepped on to get here. I never thought I'd win--it's an honor just to be nominated.

    I promised myself I wasn't going to cry....

  8. I'm gonna let you finish, Clergy Guy, but Pastor Aaron had one of the best atheist-friendly blog posts of ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!