Monday, September 21, 2009

Resurrection Thoughts

I share the following scene in an attempt to explain my thoughts concerning resurrection. They are not offered as proof. They are merely my thoughts. I plan to write more later.

A dirt road in the country at night. Cars are parked along the side. Hundreds of people gather around a spot where a cross and flowers have been placed. I stand before the grieving crowd of teenagers and parents. Their faces flicker in the light of the candles that each hold in front of them. Behind them the dark sky glitters with thousands of stars.

Standing with me are the mother and father of the child that died one year before in a car wreck.

My job is to give all of them permission to grieve, then put them back together enough for them to move on.

“When I see the light of the stars behind you and I look at the grief in your faces, I believe again in the resurrection. Your grief is testimony that you loved your friend. Your love reveals to me that somewhere, somehow she still exists.

“We cannot believe that the spirit of our friend just blinked out of existence. Her presence is still real because her absence is felt so keenly. I'm not talking about memory. I'm talking about presence.

"Sometimes in our grief we can feel, see, and even hear the person we've lost. Often in our dreams. Sometimes, in times of crisis, in the light of day. I personally do not believe this to be hallucination. I believe because we love, we see beyond the physical.

“If there is an eternal God and if he loves us with an everlasting love, then it is not difficult to believe that life continues in some form beyond this physical existence.

“I cannot prove this scientifically, nor am I particularly interested in trying. But in my spirit I believe it's true and so do you.

“This is what keeps us going. This is why we believe it is right and good to love each other, even the dead. It keeps us alive, and it keeps us going. Perhaps into eternity.”

We cried, hugged each other, blew out our candles, and went our various ways.