Monday, September 14, 2009

The Wall

This is one of those “because I have no one else to tell it to” entries.

Occasionally, I hit a wall where it concerns my physical health.

It’s because of my age and my diabetes that I sometimes reach a point where I have no more energy until I have a chance to rest. When I was young there was always a reserve that I could call on, but no more.

O, there are still times when I am fatigued where I can mentally set it aside and keep moving, but I can’t do it often. There really is a wall when my body shuts down and there’s nothing left. It’s time to go to bed and try again the next day. Or maybe take the next day off and start over the day after.

The thing is, I get more done now than when I thought I had limitless energy. I plan ahead, budget my time and energy, and finish what I start. That attribute helped me take on a fulltime load of graduate work while I worked a fulltime job and did well with both (I don’t want to do it again, though).

Who would have thought that discovering my limitations would serve me so well?


  1. Knowing ones limitations can make all the difference. I'm a 40 year old with type 2 diabetes and my sugar is controlled fairly well with medicine, diet, and too little exercise. I could probably stand to lose between 40 and 60 pounds, but I am not yet motivated to do so. It's so stupid because I still have my full quality of life and I know I'm probably squandering it. I know this in my head, but haven't internalized it yet.

  2. Learning where one's personal boundaries and limitations are is something every pastor must do...

  3. Mike--If you know it in your head, you'll internalize it, sooner rather than later. You can do it. You will. Let us all know when you do it. Good luck.

    CG--One of the things that sets you apart is that you are a finisher, regardless of how you feel, even if you have to take a break. I wish I were still a finisher.


  4. Thanks, Jaguar.

    One good thing is that I've started playing racquetball twice a week.

  5. Jaguar, I have a sign I put up occasionally that says, "Finish." I have too many things I still have to complete, so I'm not really finished. And neither are you.

    Mike, you just reminded me of a great story of my trying ot play racketball. I'll try to write it up and post it.