Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's Prize

The following does not lie within the context of my normal subject matter. But I just couldn't help myself, and besides, it's my blog.

I live in an area where people think Obama is going to destroy life as we know it. They call him the antichrist, compare him to a Nazi, and accuse him of being a racist. They also question his patriotism because once he didn't wear a little flag on his lapel. O, and according to some, he's not even a real citizen.

All of which is ridiculous. And since I'm a clergy guy, I'll go ahead and say it's wrong and immoral to say such outlandish and insulting things about the President. Criticize, okay. But not this dishonest alarmist crap.

The thing is, I have had to change my mind about Obama. I was skeptical of his ability to be President. But he has shown himself to be reasonable, wise, and often shrewd (although I think he wasted too much political capital on the bid to bring the Olympics to Chicago).

But I like the guy. I've seen enough to be encouraged. And he has my support. He had it even when I was skeptical of him.

But I have a problem with the committee that selected him for the Nobel Peace Prize based on what he might accomplish in the future. Awards are for what a person has already done. Not on what we hope he is going to do.

The Nobel Committee has done him a disservice and made themselves look foolish. They've made this prize a political statement rather than a reward for outstanding deeds. I've not thought much about them before, but now I've considered them enough to not trust them.

If I were Obama, I would find this embarrassing and perhaps a little alarming.

In my own miniscule role as a clergy guy within my culture, I have learned that when I go to a new church, the people who praise me too quickly are the ones I cannot trust. When I do not do what they want (and that always occurs), they become my biggest detractors. Dishonest, manipulative detractors.

Obama needs to look over the Nobel Committee carefully. He doesn't need that kind of "support." I predict they will be his most vocal critics before he is out of office. They'll also prove to be his pettiest and most dishonest critics.


  1. I had to change my mind about Obama, too. When he showed up out of the blue and started campaigning on the basis of being right about the Iraq War, I referred to him as "Senator One Lucky Guess."

    But after listening to him answer questions, I quickly realized he was not a liberal or a socialist. His reasoning processes were those of a pragmatist and a wholistic, big-picture thinker. He was not an idealogue, like the liberals (and most conservatives), and when the liberals finally discover that, they will turn on him. And the conservatives wouldn't believe a word out of his mouth if he died for our sins, rose from the dead, and was captured by CNN ascending to the right hand of God. "The sky is falling!"--No, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. A little nut fell on your head. His name is Rush Limbaugh.

    Incidentally, how many designated antichrists have we had in just our brief lifetimes?


  2. Oh, and by the way, CG, I wouldn't worry too much about a politicized Nobel Committee awarding the Big One to Obama. That would be silly and impossible--like giving it to Al Gore for making a movie.


  3. Extremely well put, my thoughts exactly. The only thing I think he deserves the prize for is what he did by being a model of reconciliation as such a dignified, non-retaliatory, hope-inspiring first African American candidate for president. His strength of peacefulness and reasonableness towards his relentlessly and bellicosely baiting racist critics is extraordinarily admirable and the achievement which he managed will affect our culture for decades. As far as I go, Jackie Robinson deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and Barack Obama is already the Jackie Robinson of the 2000s.

    But as far as world peace goes, which the award is purportedly about---yes, Obama's got a looong way to go and it is precisely manipulative as you say.

  4. I'm really glad you posted this. I feel the same way. Not that I think Obama is the savior of all, but I really have high hopes for his administration. But are high hopes enough for a Nobel Peace Prize??? Ugh.

    And as far as the antichrist haven't met my first husband. You'll never guess it was anyone else ever again....

  5. I thought I had replied back to you guy already! Sorry!

    Jaguar, I stopped counting anti christs when they said Ross Perot was one. I mean come on! Since when does a tiny delusional Texan qualify on that scale?

    Camels, I remember feeling a great deal of pride when we elected the first African American as President, like maybe, just maybe we had gotten a little further from the shameful slavery and subsequent racism in our recent past.

    Sistermoon, as usual, you are a hoot and a half and I'm sure your first husband is sorry you're gone.