Monday, October 5, 2009


Most of the time, I write these little articles for the church newsletter or the town newspaper. But I thought I'd share this one with you, since most of the time I only write about my frustrations in ministry.

This one is about being a father.

My second son learned to ride the bicycle this week. He didn’t get the hang of it when he was little like many kids. But when he was ready, he got the bike out and pressed on till he learned it. When I saw he was serious, I took him to the church parking lot and gave words of encouragementk while I watched.

I remember how it was with the first boy. I ran up and down the street pushing him, hoping I could help him discover that secret called balance. But he didn’t. Instead, one time when I wasn’t looking, much less pushing, he found it, and his world expanded immediately.

It was that way when he started walking, too. Just behind us when his mother and I were talking, he quietly pulled himself up, to take his first unaided steps.

Now my second boy did the bicycle thing much the same way, only this time, I was paying attention. Not pushing. Just watching.

As I write these words, he’s outside now, tooling up and down the road, his world suddenly bigger.

I’m still in their world, but I’m beginning to just watch more. O, I’ll intervene, instruct, even push and pull when needed. But I expect to do a lot more standing and applauding as time goes by.

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