Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Shut Up and Gimme Some Help

Is there anything as boring as intellectual discussion in theology?

I'm talking about my liberal friends who usually say things like, "What are the ramifications of the cosmological model of theology?" Or, "Is there any way to reconcile the Anselmian model of atonement theory with current Feminist theology?"

Sometimes they want to be more practical so they talk of social justice issues. Whole denominations will discuss the wording in a resolution concerning their position on global warming that they will send to a government entity that will throw it in the shredder.

I have enough education in the field to add to the discussion but I usually refrain because I just don't give a crap.

I'm a small town clergy guy. Real respectable, but not real remarkable. I'm up to my armpits in domestic violence, sexual confusion, grieving parents, and hungry children.

My theology consists of trying to connect with a supposedly compassionate God. I'd love for him/her/it, as well as every mush mouthed theologian to come down from on high and lend a hand.


  1. Word.

    I went to seminary aspiring to a PhD in theology. I left seminary wondering what I was thinking.

    Too much theological discourse is mental masturbation.

    Love God. Love and Serve others. That's about all I need to know, I think.

  2. "Mental Masturbation." What an appropriate term. I'll think of it everytime I have a bag of M&Ms!

  3. I run into a lot of this in my adventures with blogs and forums. I have some friends who are amazingly well read and discuss concepts that sometimes require me to be as well read. I find it all fascinating yet I can find just as much intricacy in discussing Tolkien's world, or Star Wars/Star Trek, or Marvel Vs DC comics. All fun to do, but not exactly useful in the real world.

    One of my friends is a liberal theologian and is frustrated by such dismissals of higher theology by atheists.

    I can't help, but be reminded of the Courtier's Reply.

    One thing I will say in favor of theological discussion is it does help show the diversity in God belief. Not everybody believes in the old man in the sky concept which so many get lumped into and then dismissed.

  4. I understand your friend's frustration. I appreciate intracacy of thought. Our fundamentalist friends want to see a complex subject (God) boiled down into a handful of trite oversimplifications.

    But neither can I stand muddleheaded pseudointellectual posturing.

    Not that I'm touchy on the subject.

    As always, thanks for commenting, Mike.