Monday, December 28, 2009

Now We can Get to Work

It's interesting the difference a good night's sleep makes. On Sunday afternoons, right after church I'm in a really bad mood. Every little noise bothers me. Every conversation I had that morning comes back and I put the most negative interpretation on them.

I felt that way again yesterday, and I felt like I did an especially good job. Afterward, I felt especially bad.

This church is falling apart and everyone's going to blame me, I think.

Well, they do have problems. I actually saw them when I first got here and everyone was telling me about problems that weren't really there.

Now, people are beginning to see them and they're getting scared.

I caught their anxiety yesterday, but this morning I'm thinking, It's about time.

And I don't think they're blaming me, although they might in the future. Perhaps they're in the mood to listen more.

In any case, they're at a crisis, and realize it. Now, maybe we can get some work done.

As it so happens, this is the kind of work I'm best at.

1 comment:

  1. You're a good man Charlie Brown. :-)

    Good that they are seeing the problems.