Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Right Moment

I was visiting with the man and his wife in the hospital room when the doctor entered with the bad news. The tumor had returned. There was nothing else to be done. The man had only a short time to live.

He took it with a graceful calm. The woman cried softly and I held her.

They commented on how good it was that I happened to be there right at that time. I reflected on how this used to happen all the time in my ministry. I would be there with the person right when they needed the minister the most. I attributed it to the Holy Spirit

And maybe it was, but it was also due to my hyper vigilance. There was a time when I was always available, alert, and could anticipate when I was needed. It seemed mystical , but in fact it was exhaustive--which sort of gave things an ethereal feel to it.

I can't do it anymore because I'm too tired and my family needs me, too. So the Holy Spirit will just have to be a little clearer as to when he wants me to step in. And maybe He was that day.

I was glad I was there. They were a brave couple, accepting bad news with grace. They are why I do what I do.

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