Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things Come Together

I was wondering early Sunday morning about how I could pull it together to do my job that day. How do you lead when you're on empty?

But some things happened that filled me back up.

First, attendance is up. The efforts to reach out to some of our wayward young adults are actually working--go figure. So I'm looking at a full sanctuary.

Second, the funerals I've done have helped some of the conflicts that some of the families had with me. I was able to help them and whatever gripes they had appear to have faded. I got hugs from some of them.

But it was the children that helped me the most. I lead the Sunday night children's activity--I was showing them a movie, mostly for entertainment. While it played, three little girls crawled up into my lap at the same time. One of them kept kissing me on the cheek. Another one snuggled close and told me I was the best preacher--and she was the daughter of one of the couples who had a problem with me.

The children of a congregation are my best barometer as to how the congregation feels about me. If the adults are happy with me, their children are too.

I don't expect it to last because this church is somewhat mercurial, but it was a wonderful break in the grimness that I usually experience in this church.


  1. Glad they are being nice, even if only temporarily. Is your title a vague William Butler Yeats reference? It's the opposite of the first line to one of my favorite poems.

  2. No, its not a reference. What's the poem?

  3. I recognize it now. I don't think I've read the whole thing before, but I certainly recognized several lines that have been referenced in other reading. Thanks for sharing!