Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kook Who Rules the World

In regard to the preacher who says he’ll burn the Koran, where do I start?

Okay, how about this? Has everybody lost their minds?

Since when does anybody listen to a loudmouthed, small minded, narcissistic, minister of unremarkable quality? I wish I could get this much attention by being a crazy a—hole. As it is, I can’t even get my own church to listen to my sermons. How was he able to score so much press time?

He’s wrong. Okay? He’s stupid and crazy, too. I've known guys like him all my life and we only encourage him with all this attention.

Move on.

But noooo. We have to put him on video all over the world. We’ve got to say he’s a national threat. That he's creating more danger for our military (I'm sure they're quaking in their boots over this one). For crying out loud, the President of the most powerful nation in the world has decided to spend some of his valuable time talking about him. I know he’s got more important things to do.

Now it’s reported that the White House wants to contact him to talk him out of doing this.

All this is doing is rewarding a kook for being a kook.

He’s not a national threat.

The people who want to hurt the United States are already making plans to do that. They have their own kooks driving them. If our kook decided to repent and make nice, our real enemies would still be our enemies, even if they never heard the ravings of Brother Pyro.

And, I have to say this. If someone decided to publicize burning the Bible (and it has been done), would the world be so crazy with fear and angst? Sure, some would be. But most of us Christians would read of it, cluck to ourselves, and move on. I have to believe most of the Muslim community can do the same in the face of an insult from a kook.

Could we have some perspective here?


  1. Amen! Why is it the mindless haters and extremists get all the air time (in the name of "balance"). When did sensationalism become the sole arbiter of news-worthiness? (of course Obama is in a no-win situation: if he doesn't respond then he's not demonstrating "leadership"...)

    - Chris.

  2. Peaceful Islam and calm, rational Christianity don't sell newspapers.

    I'm still glad he called it off.

  3. I completely agree! ~K

  4. Sanityman, Mike is right, rationality and calm don't sell newspapers.

    Mike, did he actually call it off, or is he equivicating again? I haven't heard the news all day.

    K, I'm doubly glad we two intelligent, likeminded, rational, brilliant, right thinking individuals agree.

  5. CG--Thanks for writing this so I didn't have to. And THANK YOU for not mentioning his name, thus giving him more publicity. If the media had ignored this story it never would have wasted the time of the president, the Secretary of Defense, or me. Wonder what stunt Pastor Pyro will pull next--maybe set fire to dog poop on the welcome mat of the Twin Towers mosque, and ring the doorbell.


  6. JagWar, just wanted to give ole "whatsisname" his due.