Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Quiet

This year for Thanksgiving, my wife and children stayed home and had a nice day to ourselves. On Black Friday, I indulged every shopping whim I had by staying home and not engaging the crowds.  

I also had a gravesite funeral service to perform. The woman had died a few months before and they had had the big funeral service.  The family took advantage of the holiday to come together to her hometown (where I live) to bury her cremated remains. They needed a minister and the funeral director knew that I'm flexible about these things, as well as available, and I rarely say stupid or offensive things.

Sickness, death, and emotional crises often happen around the holidays. I like to be available for those crises—I’ve never minded those kind of pastoral calls. I like to be of help.  

I think what I like most about the holidays is that people are too busy to bother me with things that don’t matter. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, no one will bother to complain to me about the dirty window sills, the children being too loud, or any number of incredibly stupid, mind numbing issues. They’re busy having a good time visiting or entertaining family.

So the phone is quiet. The neighborhood is full of small children playing. The fallen leaves are blowing in the wind. And I’m left alone to be with my family.  We celebrated by eating turkey, watching movies, and my taking several long naps. 

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