Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shined Boots and a Crooked Stole

Look at what I got for Christmas....

No, it’s not the boots, but the shoe shine kit my son gave me makes them look good, don’t they? 

I wear these every Sunday along with my robe and stole.

Speaking of my stole, I have the hardest time keeping the ends even. The ladies are constantly fussing at me to straighten it, but I had a hard time caring about it until I saw a picture of myself at a baptism. Sure enough, the stole was uneven. Combine that with a slightly bowlegged guy wearing boots, and I look just like a drunken cowboy who has stolen a preacher’s religious garb.   

So I try now to keep my stole straight. And my boots are shined, too. 


  1. Ok, ya gotta love a guy in cowboy boots, even a clergy guy with a crooked stole! If you keep your stole stright and your boots THAT polished, how will they know it's you? ;)I am glad you had a nice Christmas with the kids!


  2. I have to admit, a straight stole AND polished boots is a stunning combination.

  3. Hey, as long as you don't replace your stole with a football scarf, like the minister at my childhood church did on occasion... I wouldn't have minded, but it was the wrong team's :-)
    Nice boots, btw.

  4. bird--it's great to hear from you :).

    The stole is supposed be a symbol of the towel Jesus wore when he washed people's feet. I've often thought about wearing an old one with holes and stains just to make a point.

  5. It's been a while, hey! The never-ending rounds of recurrent glandular fever have been taking their toll, unfortunately.

    I never knew what the symbolism of the stole was. Maybe you should turn up one day with an actual towel around your neck, instead of the stole? Do it in summer, so you're all set to go for a swim after church.