Monday, May 2, 2011

The Sex Talk

It was very quiet on the day I preached on moral responsibility concerning human sexuality. It wasn’t just quiet, it was still. And tense. And it made me that way, too.

Now I have to say, I thought I was pretty damn graceful in my phrasing. I was not graphic by any means. It's hard not to trip over a double entendre that would cause folks to titter, but I managed. And I doubt I came off sounding like a prude, which is good, because generally, I'm all for sex.  It's one of my favorite things.

Some appreciated the sermon. Others didn't.

Generally, we’re pretty freewheeling about the subject of sex our culture. It’s in our jokes, our gossip, entertainment, literature, and news. If it’s the least bit funny, and often when it’s not, we’ll laugh raucously.

But let the preacher talk about it from the pulpit and all the humor, as well as the oxygen, is sucked out of the room.

It happens when we talk about money, too. If the minister gives one measly sermon on tithing, someone will skulk out the door and huff about how preachers only want money.

If I can’t talk about sex or money, that leaves politics, but the law says I can’t address that (which is okay by me).

“Just preach from the Bible preacher.”

That’s what I was doing, although I toned it down considerably. The Bible has so much to say about sex that you could give it an "R" rating.

“Preach about holy living.”

That’s what I was doing.

“Preach about spirituality.”

That’s what I was doing.

Well just don’t make us uncomfortable. Preach things that make us feel good. We want it to be fun. Don’t make us feel guilty. Tell us funny stories instead. Make it exciting. And don’t take too long.



  1. I think the unease is more an expression of people's split personality when it comes to sex - that they somehow feel like sex is intrinsically bad. Not something you'd get from a plain reading of scripture. Trouble is, for a lot of people that was what they had hammered into them during their formative years by the church. The challenge of being sex-positive but godly is big one, and I wish you all the best with it.

    Incidentally, I usually get prickly about tithing sermons when the minister starts talking about giving money "to God," and I realise (s)he's talking about giving it to his/her organisation...

  2. Sanityman, I think you're right about the split personality when it comes to human sexuality.

    Regarding tithing. I do equate the money I give to my church as giving to God, and I've tried to be faithful to that commitment. When we have bills to pay, I usually come right out and say, "folks, we have some bills to pay, and I try not to preach a sermon to make it holy. And of course, giving money to a good cause could certainly be money given to God to my way of thinking.

  3. You play to a tough crowd preacher man! ;)


  4. K, I'd like to say that I'm tougher. Sometimes I really am. But only sometimes.

  5. Leave it to sex to bring me back and comment...It just so happens I'm about done with Toastmaster leadership so I'm gonna have more time to stalk you....

    The whole Victorian attitude toward sex is what makes people afraid of homosexuals. Repeat after me...Homosexuality is NOT pedophilia...but I digress...

    If there is one thing my old pastor was good at, is his talk about all things. He used to say that it was important to have sex and be sexual with your married partner. Sex was all over the Bible. I used to appreciate his frankness. He was right. Right for Christians, that is....

    Yeah, I'm reading still....eventually I'll get back to my own blog....I've missed my online pastor...

    I hope you're doing better than good.

  6. Hey Sistermoon, I'm doing much better after hearing from you! Sounds like you're old pastor did a good job. I've missed you, too.

  7. Clearly they want Joel Osteen or some other feel good preacher.

  8. Joel O? I'd like to offer a word in regard to him. Here it is: "Yeachhhh!" Hope I spelled it right.

  9. Yeah, well I sincerely can't stand him.

  10. Well then, looks like you just don't get to share in his prosperity gospel. ;-)

  11. That's what I get for not preaching enough about tithing.

    How much do you think he pays for the styling and lube change on his hair?