Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Crap

I’m just going to come right out and say it.

Christmas sucks and I wish it were over.

I’ve preached on how we should not let ourselves be ruled by a negative attitude.  I’m singing the music. I’m being the life of the parties.  

But I’m faking it, as usual

There are people in recovery who are trying not to start drinking again.   I’ve dealt with too much death and done too many funerals before or just after Christmas Day. 

Now, I still like the story of Christ’s birth who is a symbol of hope and a promise of peace.  I like how the mystical and the earthy elements are woven together: dreams and visions vs. pregnancy and traveling. Angels singing and shepherds listening. A star shining over a stable. 

As a father, I get how a child can be a God figure.

Holding onto that makes it possible to bear all of the crap and push onto the new year.  


  1. Oh Bah Humbug CG!

    I love the lights. I love going out for Chinese dinner in Christmas Eve...(it's a Jewish tradition we've incorporated ;) ) I love gathering my kids and them hanging around long enough to play a board game after dinner. I love the silly joke gifts they come up with every year to make each other laugh. I love having a good excuse to invite a few neighbors and a few casual friends we have not seen in forever, in for a glass of wine. I love taking the time to think about gratitude in my life, and challenging myself to reach out to someone who might be in need.

    I'm not a Christian which might be why I love it. I have no history to battle, no conflict between what it should be spiritually, and what it is. I am simply taken with the potential spirit of the season and I get to make it my own. It's become a wonderful time for me.

    I hope you find a way to enjoy the good stuff! ~K

  2. LOL, K, you've sufficiently jollied me up.

  3. Your post looks like an outline for a great sermon.


  4. ATTR, thanks, I'll give it some thought.

  5. Thanks - good post. As someone who has a love/hate relationship with Christmas, it's good to be reminded that some people have more reasons to dislike the season than just over-commercialisation and all the rest of the BS.

    I find Christmas is the time when the barrier between my world and the world of belief grow thinner. That and the great music...

  6. sanityman, the music eventually gets to me, too. Interesting way to put it: "the barrier between my world nd the world of belief grows thinner."

  7. Well merry frickin Christmas to you too! ;)


  8. Christmas, to me, means family, soft lights, nice music (what I choose, not what we hear in shopping malls), good food, but mostly family. It's my favorite holiday, despite not always having a perfect Christmas season.

  9. Mike, I think a lot of people associate Christmas with family. It's good but it also accounts for the sadness people feel who are in grief. It's that grief that I see (and feel) in the people.

    But I also feel good that you have good experiences from it.

  10. Yes, my fiance lost her mom December 17th of last year, so this will be a tough Christmas for her, but what better time to be surrounded by those who love you.

  11. Yeah, well, you should hit the strip clubs. It'll perk you up.
    I'm with K. Not being a Christian makes this time the best ever. Of course, I avoid the mall at all costs, and Walmart (evil den that it is) and enjoy my child's joy. It is wonderful to see people giving (although, yes, it should be year round, but, whatevs.) and trying to spread joy. This is a little difficult year, a lot has happened and it has been probably one of the worst years ever, but that's ok. Make the good days really, really good.

    You in particular, being a pastor, have a heavier burden. It's tough, but you're a great guy. You do a lot for your people, and your family. I, for one, am glad to see you still here.

    Happy, merry, christmas!!

    (This is sistermoon65...It wouldn't let me post under Livejournal...wankers..)

  12. Yo, Sistermoon! Great to hear from you. I remember having a kid your age does make the season fun. Sorry to hear that the year has been so rough and I hope things improve--you deserve it!