Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Now

The boy who tried to kill himself is in better shape for the moment. He told his family and friends who all responded by listening, encouraging, and spending time with him.  

They took him out to eat good things because he hadn't been eating.  He has started sleeping again. Those two things alone can help enormously. 

And he treated himself to a fun evening, something I was thinking he should do.  He went out with friends for pizza, and then to a bar for dancing and some imbibing.  

He told me all about it the next day. I don't believe I've ever told a person that I thought it was wonderful that he went out and got drunk with friends.  But I did this time. 

I found out from other teachers that there are several students who are or who have been suicidal at that school. One took his life last year.  If this is the case, I've found a new direction to focus on. 


  1. Thanks with the update. I rejoice and hope with you.

  2. At every school's a problem. How wonderful that you were there and this time, it made a real difference. ~K

    1. Thanks K, and you're right. They're everywhere.