Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Hate Vacations

I’m taking the week off.

I think I needed it. Five funerals last month. Impossible tasks looming in front of me. A couple of people wanting to start a fight with me and I’m feeling more than willing to engage. Very few quiet moments, and when I do find one, I start crying.  So yeah, a little time off is appropriate.

But the first day (yesterday) is a little dicey. My wife is tense and trying to finish taxes and I’ve just had the same conversation with her for the third time on something. It’s raining buckets and I can’t go outside. I get a call about a death in the community. I don’t need to do the funeral but I did need to make a visit.  And there were a couple of teenagers I needed to speak to because I was worried about them. 

Late in the night, I get a snippy email from a church member about a scheduling problem.  I wrote her that we would keep all our obligations, that I would work it out with her when I got back, and I refrained (admirably, I think) from calling her a bitch. I also sent communiqués to the secretary and a staff member, not to let themselves be stampeded by this person while I was away. 

Last night I dreamt one of their former ministers, a woman who was much beloved (I like her too) came back while I was away, and I could hear people talk of how they missed her terribly.

Then I dreamed I came back from vacation and someone had taken all of the furniture from my office.

After careful self examination, I’ve made a clinical diagnosis: I’m crazy. 

And tonight, I’m taking a valium. 

Maybe two.  


  1. I can relate. Hope the rest of your week is filled with different dreams. :)

  2. Thanks, Bob. Life gets pretty complicated, doesn't it?

  3. My dad was laid off years ago, the way he found out? He came back from vacation and all his furniture had been removed from his office.

    You, sir, are a saint.

  4. Mike, saint? I hope it's not terminal. :).

    I've known lots of ministers who came back from vacation to find out the church had decided to fire them.

    What a gutless, dishonorable way to treat anyone, including your father.

    thanks, Mike